June Reflection

Posted on July 20, 2020

Dear LRW family

Here we are in the middle of June and still struggling within the confines of COVID – we have now moved to Stage 2, but with many strings attached – Masks, when to use them; Gloves, do we need them?  Social Distancing – how does that work in our new “bubble”;  What’s Open – What’s Not;  No “Hugs”, Remember to Wash Your Hands Often.  These circumstances have brought families closer together in one way and yet separated in another way, have caused stress and anxiety as people deal with job losses and financial hardships, and the inability to socialize face to face for us all, but particularly for our vulnerable Seniors who may be
feeling isolated and fearful.  One thing for sure, this has brought about the importance of home life and family.

Our own congregation and community has suffered at the hand of COVID.  Family members who have been ill from the virus, those who continue to work in the hospital or homes and are “at risk” of the virus and those who have lost family because of the very severe costs of the virus.  Ian LeConte has very graciously permitted our sharing of pictures of his Dad, Howard LeConte, at Vision Nursing home.  First in early April they were able to visit outdoors and then later in April,  once the first case was confirmed at Vision, residents were confined to their rooms and visitation took place from the parking lot.   The sad effects  of isolation,  being unable to touch, hug and be with a loved one causes stress for both the elderly and family members.  Ian LeConte lost his Dad to COVID on May 16th at the age of 96.  We all send our condolences to Ian & Wendy’s family and Thank them for sharing this special time with us.

As you celebrate Fathers Day, thinking of those no longer with us and the Father’s in our midst, we give thanks that we have our memories and can still make memories with our families.

  • Our Bible Verse for today is Deuteronomy 1:31: “There you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a father carries his son, all the way you went until you reached this place.”

I have included a musical selection  – The Gaither’s  – “A Few Good Men”

Thank You to Rev. Marilyn for sharing a Father’s Day Reflection with us today.

As Father’s Day approaches on Sunday, I am reminded of all of the qualities that make our fathers so special to us.  I think about all of the many ways our fathers have imparted knowledge and values to us.  Some of those values are honesty, integrity, punctuality, giving everything we do our all, trying our best at whatever we undertake, assuming responsibility, caring for other humans, working hard, sharing what we have with others who have less, having faith and trusting in God.  As well as those values our fathers imparted the importance of having balance in our lives, the value of family, and having fun.  I remember my own father telling me that if he raised children to be contributing members of society, he had done his job.

            We generally look up to our fathers and respect them.  I used to think that there was nothing that my father didn’t know, until I got to high school and had the shocking realization that he didn’t know everything.  When I shared this startling revelation with him he was pleased that I was beginning to think for myself.

            When I think of fathers, I think about our Father God.  God is the ultimate example of what a father should strive to be for their children.  Above all else, God is loving.  Besides that, God is compassionate, caring for all of God’s creation, including every single one of us.  When we may feel abandoned by everyone else, God never abandons us.  God always understands what we are going through.  God knows our challenges and our struggles, and is there to guide us through those difficult times in our lives. 

            We are living in troubling times, with the Covid-19 pandemic still alive and infecting people.  We feel cautiously optimistic about the gradual reopening of a variety of businesses.  But I believe we need still be vigilant in our social distancing and hygiene.  The death of George Floyd has raised awareness of the continuing racism that exists in our world and protesters are marching all over the world.  Strange weather was reported in Calgary last weekend, with flash flooding and hail that broke windows in houses, cars and severely damaged siding on houses.  We are living in uncertain times.  There is economic uncertainty for many people because of the pandemic and people have lost their jobs, businesses are closing for good.  The news is filled with terrible images and stories of brutality of people against people.  Is this the world that God envisioned for us?  I don’t think so.  We need to get back to the basics, returning to a world where people believed in God and followed the Ten Commandments.  This is the world that we need now.  Our faith is more important to us now than ever. 

            This Father’s Day, let us be grateful for the men who raised us, who tried their best to pass on good values to us, and let us celebrate the fathers in the world who are now raising their own children.  Happy Father’s Day, and God bless you all.  “

This Sunday, we hope you will have the opportunity to share with your family in some way, to celebrate Fathers and one another.

In times of trouble, God will support us;

In times of weakness, God will be our strength;

In times of doubt, God will give us direction;

In times of loneliness, God will touch us with the friendship of others;

In times when we lack confidence, God will show us our worth;

In times of sadness, God will embrace us with love.


May we all find our spirit to share with one another through our actions of loving-kindness.

Blessings to All & Continue to be Safe.