Posted on August 12, 2020

SING to the LORD a new song;
Sing to the LORD, all the earth.

SING to the LORD, praise his name;
proclaim his salvation day after day,

Declare his glory among the nations,
His marvelous deeds among all peoples.

Psalm 96, verses 1-4

As has been a tradition here at LRW, we usually have a “Music Sunday” in August.

Since we are unable to be together in worship and since we cannot Sing and “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord” at this time and perhaps even into the next little while, I thought I’d share some music that was recorded from music Sundays in the past, along with a reflection and some “food for thought”.  LRW has been graced with musical talent over the years and I hope you enjoy the selections.

Simply click on the music and let it take you back awhile.


London Road West has a long history and has been here on this same land for 167 years.

People may not know the name exactly, but they always say – oh the “red brick church on the corner”    Well here is a song “The Little Red Church” performed by Grace Mitchell Hall, daughters, Carol Monteith and Norma Griffin.

In these up and down times, when all seems lost and dreary, just remember you can always have a little talk with Jesus anytime.     Listen to the Danby/Searson Quartet – Russell Danby, son Larry Danby and grandsons – Mike & Jeff Searson

As we look around at all the beautiful flowers this time of year, we are continually reminded of God’s goodness.   As part of the “Bible Garden” one flower caught my attention –

the “Anemone”  (Lily of the Field) – from Matthew 6, verses 28 – 30.

I admired this flower last fall and thought, Oh I’ll plant this new flower – new to me by the sounds of it.

These are wild field flowers in Palestine and almost certainly the wild anemones that were  referred to by                      Jesus as the “lilies of the field” in his sermon on the mount, as they still grow wild near the Lake of Galilee.

How interesting that we sometimes think something is new when actually it was here all along.   And how interesting that through all of time, God is with us – His goodness is all around – we can feel His presence everywhere!

Here is our own LRW Choir singing     “Surely the Presence

It is incredible to watch life flow through nature; the way the waves rise and fall at the beach, the way the sun and moon dance their routine of day and night, the way a flower grows and blooms from a tiny seed.   Behind the beauty of nature lies an awe-inspiring God.

We are filled with wonder as we see his painted skies each day, and as we notice the way He clothes every living thing with garments more intricate than what our top fashion designers could imagine.  Just think of the many unique patterns on a butterfly’s wings for example, the many different shapes flower petals can have.

Perhaps as we seek to understand earth’s nature more, we will also grow to understand the nature of God who made it all.

Here is the Sunshine Quartet – Carol Monteith, Mary Moore, Carol Ritchie & Betty Allison

I came across this little story and felt it was worth sharing –

Sunflowers turn according to the position of the sun, in other words, they “chase the light”. – You might already know this; but there is another fact that you probably do not know!

Have you ever wondered what happens on cloudy and rainy days when the sun is completely covered by clouds?  An Interesting question, isn’t it?

Perhaps you think the sunflower withers or turns its head towards the ground.

Is this what crossed your mind?   Well, that is incorrect!

They turn towards each other to share their energy.

Nature’s perfecting is amazing.  Now let’s apply this reflection to our lives.  Many people may become low-spirited, the most vulnerable ones, sometimes, become depressed.

How about following the example of the beautiful sunflowers – “Supporting and empowering each other”

Let us take on the “Sun-flower” trait of turning towards each other on their cloudy and gloomy days.

Spread goodness… it will come back to you.

Here is a husband & wife Duet by two who have long gone, but what a pleasure to have caught this on tape after all these years.  Evelyn & Russell Danby singing   “Something Beautiful

As we enter into another week, a week of unknowns and a continued time of self distancing, when it is  even difficult to recognize someone under their mask if we are out and about, we hope you will remember those we cannot be with, those who are suffering from anxiety and frustration, those who find this time lonely, those who are unwell or who are grieving, those we long to be with again, – help us reach out – make a telephone call, send a little note, contact someone you haven’t talked to in a while – make their day by saying “Hi, how are You”  Remember we are all in this together – and we will come together again soon.

I’ll leave you with a little blessing, sung by “AS IS” – This was a teenage quartet comprising of

Jennifer (Allison) Nickles, Jessica Allison, Mike & Jeff Searson –  “Undivided

Stay well &  God Bless