Posted on September 17, 2020


Hello to everyone – It looks and feels like summer has left us and we are moving into “Fall” very quickly. You can feel it in the air. This can be quite a beautiful season and we’ll look forward to the changing colours over the next few weeks.

We hope you continue to be well and we realize that we are all missing being together as a Church.

We always endeavour to keep the congregation up-to-date on what is happening here at LRW and we hope you find this newsletter informational.

Our Search Committee will continue to meet on a regular basis.

In the meantime, we have secured Rev. Marilyn Townsend-Smith and Rev. Jill Rogers to provide pulpit supply and pastoral care as required. We hope to begin weekly virtual services this month and you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to access the virtual services once the process is in place.
Also, we would encourage anyone who has a pastoral care need or a need of any kind to contact the Church office at 519-542-2084. Please leave a message, the telephone is monitored daily, and your concern will be directed to the appropriate person.

If you are aware of someone who is celebrating a special occasion or who could use a “ spiritual lift” with a card from the Church, please let Dorothy Jackson know at 519-542-5021.
Our Session Elders & Pastoral Care Team continue to make contact with our church members and should you have a concern, you can certainly talk to them when they make contact.
Rev. Marilyn and Rev. Jill will also be making contact with members of the congregation and we hope you will feel comfortable in speaking with them.

The Re-Opening committee have met and put forth their recommendations. After lengthy and in-depth research of the insurance requirements, the recommendation from the Re-Opening Committee is that we are unable to open at this time. In contacting our insurance brokers regarding our coverage, the most important information is that “COVID-19 is not an insured peril under the UCC Protect Program. This means that not only does the church itself not have coverage, but that we nave no individual Officers, Directors and Volunteers liability coverage for any claims arising due to the COVID-19 virus.“

As a result of a lengthy Official Board discussion, the consensus of Official Board is that we will not open in October and a re-opening date is indefinite at this time.

We wish to thank the Re-Opening Committee for their work and especially Doug Beatty for his in-depth review and understanding of the insurance situation. Our main concern is the safety of our congregation and those who volunteer their time. During this difficult time, we are learning something about ourselves, our friends, our church and our community and hopefully that will assist us in moving forward so something good will come of all the disruptions we have endured over the last 6 months.

Below you will see the highlights from our Official Board meeting held on Wednesday evening.

SEPTEMBER 9th , 2020 AT 6:30 PM
Meeting held via teleconference

• Our Treasurer reported that as of the end of August, our financial position is behind by $12,000 from our budget, and of course this will be due to our closure. We continue to have the normal maintenance expenses but see some savings in janitorial expense and no costs for a Minister over the last nine months.
• We continue to say “Thank You” to all those on PAR and all the members who faithfully send cheques during this time when we can’t be open. We sincerely appreciate your continued support
• The Re-Opening Committee provided an up-dated report setting out the ramifications of our insurance. As a result, we will not open October 18th as originally communicated. At this time there is no date set for re-opening.
• We will begin virtual services in September and notify the congregation by email when and how to access these services.
• The Re-Opening Committee will reconvene to clarify their role and decide if they are willing to continue with looking at re-opening protocol and changes to the rules and regulations.
Our up-coming Curbside Beef Dinner will proceed on Saturday, September 26th following rules and regulations set out by the Health Unit.
As always, we Thank You for your continued support.

If you have any questions concerning the above please let us know.
We hope you continue to be safe and healthy. If you have any suggestions on how we can reach out to you or those of our congregation more effectively, please let us know.
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Blessing to All