London Road West Church was built in May, 1857.  it was a Methodist Church frame church and the first service was held on May 24, 1857.  The first Sunday School at the church was held in 1864.  The congregation grew and a second church was required to be built.  Benjamin Beatty donated the half acre parcel of land upon which the new church was built in 1873.  Following World War I, a new brick church was built.  It was the ladies of the church who convinced the men that this would be a good idea.  Building of the new church began in the late Spring of 1923.  Three official opening services were held on November 4, 1923.  A Messengers group began in August of 1949.  This group continues to this day.  In the summer of 1957, London Road was widened and the church had to be moved 150 feet to the northwest to accomodate the widening.  An addition was required for a Christian Education Centre in 1959.  In 1925 the church became a United Church of Canada.  In 1988 the church became a one-point charge, from the two-point charge it was previously, sharing the minister with Mandaumin united Church.

London Road West has always enjoyed a full choir with great, talented voices.  Our current music director, Jeff Searson has been a member of this church since he was a baby, and has always lent his musical talents to the church.